When to Call a Plumber for Toilet Leak Repair in Tucson, AZ

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

The toilets in our homes are used frequently throughout the day. It’s not surprising that these are the plumbing fixtures that wear faster and more frequently than any other in the home. Toilets clog, but they also leak. Sometimes these leaks are obvious while other times a leak may go unrealized for quite some time. Here are some things you need to know about toilet leak repair and when to call a plumber.

Is Your Toilet Running Nonstop?

A running toilet or a toilet that experiences phantom flushing is a leaking toilet. This fact is surprising to many people because you there isn’t water on the floor or coming from the toilet. The kind of leak that is happening is between the toilet’s tank and the bowl. Usually, the best way to solve this problem is to inspect the interior toilet parts. Most likely the flush-valve, the chain, or the flapper is the culprit. Fixing a running toilet is important so that you don’t waste water and spend more money on utility costs.

Toilet Repair Service for Broken Seals

The toilet in your bathroom is sealed tightly where it meets the floor. When this seal gets old, or if the toilet wasn’t installed correctly, water from the toilet can get pass the seal and create a soppy mess on the bathroom floor. You want to take action and call a plumber for toilet leak repair in Tucson as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem or continuing to keep towels around the affected area isn’t a solution. When toilets leak at their bases, the water can get into the subfloor and lead to rot that can be expensive to repair.

If you’re concerned about a leaky toilet, give The Local Plumber Pros a call to learn more about toilet leak repair performed by licensed plumbers near you .

How to Prevent Calling for a Drain Cleaning Plumber

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Affordable, same-day plumbing service near you from the best drain cleaning plumber in Tucson, AZ.If calling a drain cleaning plumber in Tucson isn’t on your to-do list, then you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent clogged drains. Luckily, this isn’t a tough task. By being careful about what you put in your drains, you can expect little to no problems.

Pay Attention to What You Flush

You can avoid clogged toilet repair by doing the following:

  • Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet
  • Throw away feminine hygiene products, diapers, and baby wipes
  • Install toilet locks to keep small children from flushing toys or other objects
  • Hold the handle all the way down for at least 3-5 seconds to make sure the water moves the waste and toilet tissue through the drain.

Cover Your Drains

Hair and soap scum are two culprits that clog shower and bathtub drains. You can prevent buildup by installing hair catchers over your drains. After you shower or take a bath, clean out the catcher. Make sure to dispose of hair by throwing it in the trash can. Don’t flush it down the toilet or you’ll have a problem.

Insulate Your Pipes

A pipe that freezes can cause a clog to form. These kinds of clogs can cause your pipes to burst. Although Tucson doesn’t experience extreme winter conditions, temperatures (especially at night) can dip below freezing. Protect your home and save money by insulating your pipes.

Take Care of Drainage Issues Promptly

When you notice a slow-flowing drain, don’t wait around for the situation to fix itself. Drainage problems never get better on their own, but they do get worse. If you don’t want to wake up to water damage, call a Tucson plumber for drain cleaning service right away.

At The Local Plumber Pros, we offer affordable drain cleaning service by top-notch drain cleaning plumbers. We have the right tools, the best prices, and guarantee the quality of our work. Call today for 24 hour plumbing service!