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Do you need slab leak repair or inspection services from a top-rated plumber? If so, call The Local Plumber Pros. As the leading leak detection specialists in Tucson, we help thousands of customers every year tackle difficult and messy situations like slab leaks faster and for less money than other companies in town. The key to reducing costs for nasty water leaks is getting ahead of the situation. If you own a home and want to safeguard your property from hidden water leaks, take charge and seek out these leaks before they become major problems.

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One of the best ways for a property owner to be proactive is to schedule routine inspection services as part of their plumbing maintenance programs. Leaks can come from a broken water heater or a cracked pipe below your home’s foundation. We put our customers in touch with top-of-the-line, certified leak detection specialists in Tucson, Arizona 24/7. When you call us for inspection services, we promise that our specialists will use state-of-the-art equipment that can detect the smallest leaks well below the surface of your home’s foundation.

If a leak is found, our contractors will present you with repair options that solve the problem with as little mess, destruction, and cost as possible. Inspection services save you money and the hassle of dealing with pipeline rupture, slab leaks, and other issues that arise from undetected plumbing leaks.

We Educate Our Customers about Slab Leaks

Have you heard the term slab leak before? Many property owners are in the dark about this potentially devastating hidden water leak. These leaks are below ground under your home’s foundation. They start as the result of tiny punctures or weakened connections within the piping system below your foundation. The damage can be a result of wear and tear, amateur plumbing installation, frequent clogs, and poor water pressure to name just a few causes.

Slab leaks can be silent destroyers, but they can also leave tell-tale clues in their wake. For instance, has your water bill been higher than normal? Is the floor warm beneath your feet? Do you hear water running in your walls? These are common indicators that something is wrong beneath the surface of your home.

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