Faucet Repair and Installation in Tucson, AZ

Is home faucet repair in your future? If so, call The Local Plumber Pros for top quality, highly rated plumbing service in Tucson, Arizona. A broken tap may only seem like a minor inconvenience, but why should you lose sleep over a drippy bathroom sink faucet when you can get professional and affordable repairs today?

Why Do Faucets Leak?

Household faucets like kitchen sink taps and even laundry room connections break down over time because of wear and tear. The taps in your home are used every day, especially those in your bathtubs and shower, kitchen, and bathroom. Wear and tear is the number one cause of drips and slow trickles that leave water stains in your sinks and cause your water bills to slowly rise.

The interior parts of household faucets such as gaskets and O-rings wear down faster when you have hard water issues or problems with the water pressure flowing through your pipes. When a plumber comes to your home to inspect the situation, he or she will determine the exact cause for the leak. If hard water or water pressure is deemed the main culprit, your plumber will work with you to correct these underlying issues to make sure repairs or replacements last.

When Should I Replace My Faucet?

Faucet replacement is ideal in one of two situations:

  • You want to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom
  • Repair costs far exceed the cost to replace

If faucet replacement is in your near future, we can help you find a fixture that matches your style and your budget. In addition to kitchen faucet replacement, we also offer bathroom faucet installation, wet bar configuration, garbage disposal repair and replacement, water shut-off valve repair and replacement, and exterior hose bib installation.

For a free quote for plumbing service in Tucson, Arizona, call us today to schedule an appointment.